What to drink on WildCard Weekend?

Alright girls. We’ve all been there. You’re at a sports bar, options are slim, what do you drink? Unless, you are at a high-end game watch, I doubt you’re getting your favorite bubbly. Plus, who wants to drink champagne out of plastic? Ordering mojitos at a Sports Bar will probably put you on the bartender’s naughty list. They really don’t want to muddle mint while there are 50 people in line.

Sports Bars are fun and the focus should be on the watching the game(s) with friends so I have two easy rules to make the most of your day.

1. keep it simple (no Cosmos please)
2. remember your location (save the Mimosas and Champagne for brunch!)

Here are a few good options that will work in any environment and won’t completely derail your New Year’s diet resolutions.

1. Vodka Soda – 70 calories and won’t stain your outfit. If you need a little more flavor you can mix it up with L’Orange or Citron depending on your locale.

2. Whiskey or Scotch – 95 calories and no carbs. Whether Bulleit, Jameson or Oban you can usually find these options at every bar.

3. Gin and Tonic- From Tanqueray to Hendrick’s, you can get a 100 calorie Gin and Tonic anywhere.

Also, there are plenty of low calorie beer options. Give Amstel Light, Stella, or Heineken a try. All are under a 150 calories.

So ladies, while you are cheering on your favorite team for WildCard Weekend (GO NINERS!) remember to keep your drink orders simple and location appropriate.

Note: author does not always heed her own advice

Note: author does not always heed her own advice

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