Rally Nails: Do or Don’t?

Rally Nails

With the Super Bowl a week a way we will see all sorts of game day fashion. Something that we are seeing more and more are rally nails – the multi-color tribute to your team. I am all about rocking your team’s attire; but the nail thing has gone too far. I have a couple of issues with rally nails. The first being: your nails will only make sense for the 3 hours of the game. I get it is nail polish and can be applied and removed easily but I think of the time it takes to get them done. If you are anything like me and don’t have the patience to sit in a manicure chair daily, rally nails seem a bit extreme.

Sometimes less really is more. We’ve all heard the tip: before you leave the house, take off one accessory. IF you must sport the rally nails, the rest of your outfit should be basic. If you are wearing a t-shirt and hat in your teams colors, please keep your nails a nice neutral. There is no reason why you can’t be stylish on gameday. Gameday does not give you an excuse to wear every blue and orange (or blue and green) item in your closet. Put one back.

If you truly love the rally nails, I suggest you find a toddler and paint their nails. Little girls can wear tutus, bows in their hair and pink everyday and still look adorable. Rally nails might also be on that list for me. So ladies, if you are double digits in age, please skip the rally nails.

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