Behind the sweatshirt

UPDATE. Looks like there’s another woman helping out her man: Jim Harbaugh’s Wife Keeps Throwing Out His Pleated Khakis, He Keeps Buying More

Cutoff sweatshirts, khaki pants, hoodies, sweater vests and turtlenecks. If you haven’t seen these, ahem, fashion choices recently, you are probably not a football fan. On any given Sunday, you will see ALL of these items grace the sidelines of a football game by none other than the head coach. Everyone knows New England coach Bill Belichek and his infamous cutoff sweatshirt (even Kanye tried to copy) just be grateful the Pats also have Tom Brady. Thanks Giselle. You made one of the hottest QBs even hotter.

Bill Belichick doesn't hold up to Tom Brady

Another personal favorite includes Jim Harbaugh and his black sweatshirt TUCKED IN to his pleated khakis. As if the khaki’s weren’t enough, why does he have to tuck it in? When asked about it. . . Harbaugh simply stated that there was “less drag”. Harbaugh is a man of few words.

Jim Harbaugh

Auburn coach, Gus Malzahn, sports a turtleneck sweater vest combo which I haven’t seen since the Cosby show. But he also turned the 3-8 Auburn team around and almost won the BCS National Championship this year so if he likes the sweater vest, he can have it. In fact, give hime all of Cosby’s wardrobe. Jim Tressel, you don’t get a pass…time to give yours up. Brutus, we want your sweater, too.

Gus passes, Tressel and Brutus failed

How can so many men dress so poorly week in and week out? Is it superstition, the long hours, indifference. . .why the horrendous choices?¬†Football coaches wear the same clothes even after they lose, so scratch superstition off the list. I’m blaming the bad choices on long hours. I think it’s kinda like what college kids wear during finals. Cram all 24 hours for an exam and you get a pass to wear flannel.

Coaches take note: if a girl got had a bad day (kinda like a bad game, right?) in an outfit, it would be buried in the back of the closet along side the “fat day” clothes she never wants to see. Every girl has them. Well, at least I do.

Where I hide my fat day clothes

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