ND vs. Michigan the End of an Era

There are things in life that just seem certain. Something you expect. Something you anxiously await. For me, Notre Dame vs. Michigan is one of those things. Saturday night will mark the end to one of the best and most memorable rivalries in college football; one that started in 1887. With its end looming I can’t

Its Opening Day in SF: Kiss Someone!

I never understood the significance of Opening Day until April 2010. I always heard how fun opening day was, but I didn’t think of it as having more meaning than any other afternoon game. Well, I was wrong. I met my sister near Giants Stadium in San Francisco for our first Opening Day experience. I’ve

It’s time to change women’s role in sports

Two weeks ago, I was watching the NFL Playoff games at a sports bar and a 30 something guy asked me, “Do you even know who is playing in the game?” His question reminded of one of the reasons I decided to start the Sporting Pink. If you are a female sports fan, you’ve probably

Rally Nails: Do or Don’t?

With the Super Bowl a week a way we will see all sorts of game day fashion. Something that we are seeing more and more are rally nails – the multi-color tribute to your team. I am all about rocking your team’s attire; but the nail thing has gone too far. I have a couple

Why Peyton Manning is more remarkable than you think

Peyton Manning has had an incredible year by any standard. He was named SI Sportsman of the year, he broke the single season passing yardage record, named MVP, and is playing in the AFC championship game. While this is an impressive season of football for any quarterback, Peyton’s success is a lot more personal to

Behind the sweatshirt

UPDATE. Looks like there’s another woman helping out her man: Jim Harbaugh’s Wife Keeps Throwing Out His Pleated Khakis, He Keeps Buying More Cutoff sweatshirts, khaki pants, hoodies, sweater vests and turtlenecks. If you haven’t seen these, ahem, fashion choices recently, you are probably not a football fan. On any given Sunday, you will see

Football Basics: Breaking down the Read Option

In today’s Niners vs. Packers game the story lines have been centered around the arctic temperatures in Green Bay and whether or not the 49ers will be running the Read Option. Kaepernick and the Niners have faced Green Bay twice in the past calendar year and Kaepernick ran for a record of 181 yards in

What to drink on WildCard Weekend?

Alright girls. We’ve all been there. You’re at a sports bar, options are slim, what do you drink? Unless, you are at a high-end game watch, I doubt you’re getting your favorite bubbly. Plus, who wants to drink champagne out of plastic? Ordering mojitos at a Sports Bar will probably put you on the bartender’s

He is Johnny

While Johnny Manziel hasn’t been much of a media darling, one thing is certain, he knows how to lead.  His performance against Duke on NYE was nothing short of spectacular.  Johnny Football had 455 yards of offense and 5 TDs.  The rest of the Texas A&M team . . . 86 yards.  On a night